Italian Greyhound/ Whippet/ Greyhounds Collectibles for Sale

I have run out of room and have decided to sell a few of my "treasures".


RARE Greyhound Intaglio $1000

Very hard to find greyhound intaglio ( reverse carved and painted crystal) In 25 years I have only seen two of these with Greyhounds. Late 1800's. Professional restored- (crystal polished, mother of pearl replaced and reset in 14 kt setting. Can be worn as a pin or pendant. If you know about intaglios you know just how rare a find this is.

IMG_6868.jpg (46424 bytes)

Pottery plate $20

Not sure of the origin. No cracks or chips. The Greyhound is silver in color


IMG_6848.jpg (60352 bytes)

Art Deco Crumb Brush $35

Much of the silver plate has worn off of this but it still is an interesting object. These are becoming increasingly harder to find.

IMG_6853.jpg (46120 bytes)

Handblown Glass Greyhound on pottery base $30

This is from the mid 1980's. Can't remember the artist other than they were from Florida. The piece is on a handmade fired pottery base. About 4 inches long.


Vintage Sterling Greyhound $25

Circa 1950's Sterling from Mexico. Will polish up nicely but have left orgininal patina intact.

Vintage Tie Clip $20

Not sure of the metal. Circa 1930's


Wild Bryde Running Hound $25



Ivory Running Greyhound $75

Nice detail, approx 3 inches long. Not sure of the age but guessing late 1800's



Wyld Bryd Earrings $20

Cloak Fastener $45

Believed to be from late 1800 bronze or brass.

Greyhound Pin $25 (brass)


Carved Pin (horn with glass eye) 1800's $120

Bookmark (Four of these) $4ea

Hunt of the Unicorn note cards (set of 8 cards with envelopes) 3 sets @$12 each

Address book $12

Pencil Holder $12 (purchase with address book above $20 both)

Antique Print Early to mid 1800's Hand colored $45


Matted Antique print Early 1800's Hand colored $55


IG and Dragon Christmas card $4.95 each (photographed a bit darker than actual)


Framed Painting $35

IG note cards (Set of 8) $15

Antique Whippet Print $35


Please email me with questions or if you would like to see more photos of an item. Shipping and insurance on all items extra. Paypal and personal checks accepted.