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How To Say "Uwharrie"

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is  simple, it's three letters:

David and Lynne Ezzell

Troy, North Carolina

I started showing dogs in 1983, or first breed being a Doberman Pinscher. I soon found that a novice would have a hard time finishing a Dobe, so  in 1986 I acquired our first IG "Katie". All of the Uwharrie dogs are in some way descendants of her. I have now   for 25 years been dedicated to producing top quality,standard sized, healthy, well socialized Italian Greyhounds, for companionship and the show ring.Others may claim to do the same but my record speaks for itself. To date I have  bred, and co-bred over  70 AKC Champions many of which are top producers. I average just a couple litters per year, my breeding program emphasis quality, not quantity. And while approximately one half of my puppies finish their Championship (most owner handled), they are pets first and foremost.  Many Top Producers and Top Winning Italian Greyhounds have Uwharrie dogs in their pedigree. I occasionally have puppies or young adults available for show or pets to approved homes.  My dogs are raised in our house and are considered part of our family.We also do sighthound rescue ( see below for a link.)

I obtained our first Whippet in 1990."Tessa" introduced me  to the sport of Lure Coursing. Our current whippet is NEW Ch.Abelaim's Quatum Leap. Leah actually goes back to the sister of our first whippet Tessa.

We have owned Dobermans since the early 80s. We bred (well actually co-bred) our first and only  litter in 2006.


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What is an Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds are a small cousin of the larger Greyhounds ( the ones that race). They are primarily considered a companion dog, but they are a true sighthound, with the desire and drive to chase and catch small game.

Italian Greyhounds "IGs" average  9-14 pounds and stand 14-16 inches at the shoulder. They have very little body fat and short hair so they are NOT suited for life as an outdoor dog. They do like to sunbathe and a romp in the yard or park but should always be confined to a fenced yard or on lead as they will chase birds, squirrels, rabbits etc., and many are quite fearless ( cars, large dogs and other perils).

IGs are quite hardy for their size but care should be taken with pups around small children. They are quite active and can get into an amazing amount of things in a small amount of time (even as adults). They are very people oriented, and extremely devoted to their "people". They coexist well with other animals, and seem to especially like the company of other IGs. They can be difficult to housebreak. This breed is not for everyone.

We have show/performance/companion puppies available to approved homes! Please click on the current puppies link below.

Email for details.

Feel free to drop us a line, we love to "talk dogs"!

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